Customer Tools

Trial of NOD antivirus
SpyBot Search & Destroy
AVG Anti-Spyware (was EWIDO)
Spyware Blaster (10/25/2004)
A variety of useful utilities (10/14/2006)
Firefox Browser - excellent browser with built-in popup stopper
Avant Browser - also stops popups
GoHip Removal Tool (1/5/2004)
Winsock fix for 98 (1/7/2004)
CWShredder (5/11/2004)
SunJava (7/26/2004)

UltraVNC - so we can help you from here (02/14/2007)

If You Run XP

Download FixBlast.exe (8/13/2003)
Download WindowsXP Blaster Patch (8/13/2003)
Download Sasser Patch (5/8/2004)

Winsock fix for XP (1/7/2004)

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